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Core Faculty

Prof. Suraj A. Wadhwa
Asst. Professor

Education: F.C.A.,

Experience: Teaching: 15 Years.
                        Industry: 15 Years.

Research Interest : Taxation & Accounting.

Prof. Brijesh Joshi
Asst. Professor

Education: M. Phil (C.S.) M.Tech (C.S.), M.C.M., B.Sc.

Experience: Teaching: 10 Years.

Research Interest : Information technology .

Prof. Prapti Naik
Asst. Professor

Education: M.M.S. (HR), B. Tech (C.S.).

Experience: Teaching: 4 Years.
                        Industry: 2 Years.

Research Interest : Human Resources .

Prof. Lalit Patil
Asst. Professor

Education: M.M.S. (Marketing), B. E. (Mech.).

Experience: Teaching: 5 Years.
                        Industry: 3 Years.

Research Interest : Marketing & Operations .

Prof. Erica Fernandes
Asst. Professor

Education: M.M.S. (Finance), B.Com.

Experience: Teaching: 1 Years.
                        Industry: 5 Years.

Research Interest : Merger & Acquisitions, Corporate finance.

Prof. Amol Vaze
Asst. Professor

Education: M.M.S. (Finance), M.Com, B.Com.

Experience: Teaching: 6 Years.
                        Industry: 3 Years.

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